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Prints, Enlargements and Collages

We can do most of the standard prints, in both Glossy and Matte finish. To make a choice between the two finishes, we recommend go glossy if you want to put them in an album. However, if you are printing black and white photos or the ones that taken by a professional, you would want to go with matte finish.

To add in-your-face drama to a room, super-size your picture before you put it on display. A picture can have a dominant presence in any room, if you make it big.

How big? It depends on the quality of the original image. For example, a blurry, poorly exposed picture won't yield a high-quality enlargement. Also, the bigger the original image, the better clarity you will have for the enlargement. Use only high-quality pictures to create enlargements bigger than 6x8 inches photos.

Not to forget collages. They are a fun way to express yourself. And a great gift idea too. All you need to do is bring over a few photos to our store and we can help you with the rest. There are lots of great themes and ideas to choose from.


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