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Passport & ID Photos

It's always a good idea to get your passport/immigration photos done by a professional. However, before you head out to the store, here's a checklist of what you should look out for:

  • For infants, not many places offer the services - so check first. Also, allow yourself a bit of extra time and avoid busy times of the day.
  • Remember, most countries want the passport photos not older than six months - so don't sit on your photos for too long.
  • For digital photos please ensure the measurements are in pixels and KB or MB
  • Most countries have a very strict set of guidelines, so ensure your photography place knows exactly what you are after
  • Avoid wearing the same coloured clothing as the background
  • Do your homework: Check the size and background of your passport photo requirements


Some Passport/Visa Photo Sizes:


45 mm x 55 mm


70 mm x 50 mm


33mm x 48 mm

Hong Kong:

40mm x 50 mm


40 mm x 50 mm

India / OCI:

51 mm x 51 mm

Indian PAN card Photo:

25 mm x 35 mm


50 mm x 35 mm


2” x 2“


40 mm x 60 mm




As a Kiwi you can renew your passport online - it's convenient and generally faster than sending in your form. Apart from a host of other things, you will also need a digital photo that meets the Department of Internal Affairs rigorous criteria. You can check the eligibility and requirements at the Internal Affairs site (http://www.passports.govt.nz/Adult-passport-renewal---form).  

Please note that you cannot upload a scanned copy of the printed passport photo.

At Kodak Express LynnMall, we do take extra care to provide you the right passport/immigration photos. However, as the requirements keep changing with time, we'd appreciate if you could provide us with the latest ones. Please remember we can print any size as long as we have the details. More importantly, we guarantee all our passport photos - which means that in an unlikely event of rejection, we will do it absolutely free.

Please do not hesitate to call us (on 09-827 1030) if you have any further query.


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